Bethany Kurbis Integrative Coaching

Certified Integrative Coach

Bethany is a Professional Certified Coach with 15 years of experience in Coaching and Organization Development.

Partner with Bethany to identify your core motivators and goals to unleash your potential and live the life you've imagined.


Bethany works with individuals across the globe, creating safe and confidential spaces, to connect to their unique visions, dreams, and goals.

Partner with Bethany to discover what drives, motivates, and inspires you, so you can take bold and fulfilling steps in alignment with your highest potential.

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Bethany partners with organizations to develop strategies to align daily practices with core values and guiding principles to accomplish an organization's mission through its people.

Work with Bethany to shift to intuitive people-centered approaches that help individuals and teams perform and grow.

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Bethany Kurbis is a Professional Certified Coach and the Founder and CEO of Integrative Coaching, LLC. She has 15 years of experience in coaching, human resource strategy, organizational effectiveness, and talent development, and has held roles ranging from Chief People Officer of a global nonprofit to front-line HR manager for an humanitarian aid agency in South Sudan.

Bethany’s passion and purpose lies in helping clients learn to trust themselves and empowering them with the tools and knowledge to create new paths that center on their values, goals, and vision. Her superpower is giving her clients the space, deep listening, thoughtful questions, and insightful feedback to lead them there.

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